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Introducing myself

A determined and persevering web designer and front-end developer with an outgoing and dynamic personality.

I have strong communication and interpersonal skills, with a positive "can do" attitude which allows me to integrate well into any work team. Plus, I have excellent time management skills, which help me to meet the deadline of any project I’m in charge of. I love following the whole creative process of a project, from the beginning to the end: designing websites and digital communication campaigns fully satisfy my creative interests.

what they say about me

A modern web approach, an intuitive design interface and a cross-device usability. These are Davide's prerogatives during his work, what makes him professional. He's a genuine person also and doesn't hold back in front of any difficulty.Andrea Foresi - Art Director @ Wunderman UK
I have been colleagues of Davide in Colt and after he followed me in various start up projects as web designer, consultant, and integrator. Davide is a very reliable person with a positive attitude to approach either in life and work; I would strongly recommend Davide without hesitation! Dionigi Faccenda - Marketing director @ OVH Srl
Davide has a modern approach to the web design, his works result always fresh. He has an extraordinary knowledge of CSS, I can say Davide is the fastest css writer I ever knew. Regarding coding javascript can grow but has a sufficient skill to producing eye catching interactive interfaces. Alessandro Stucchi - Backend developer @ Blue Ocarina Srl

What I do

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Mail: me@davidevago.com
Skype: d.vago
Hangouts: pigroz